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MM Dungeon Medusa

MM Dungeon Medusa

The Dragon Gods have many faces, not all of them nice. Naga Priestesses who succumb to the madness of the depths are exiled from the Lotus Empire, and become known as Medusae. Most Medusae worship the Wrecker, the destructive aspect of the Dragon Goddess of Water, but some of them also turn to Malassa. After all, what lies in the deepest abysses of the ocean if not Darkness?

During their quest to find a way to bring back the Faceless Library from Sheogh and make it the centre of their new realm, the Dark Elves encountered a faction of renegade Nagas, led by Daimyo Oshiro the Accursed. These Nagas, involved in a failed coup against the Eternal Empress, had been literally forced to go underground. After being conquered, Oshiro’s people became part of the Dark Elf kingdom.

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